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One of the biggest challenges in the buy to let business is cash flow. In order to have a good cash flow, landlords should make sure that they have as little a void period as possible and when tenanted, the rent comes in with out any delays and defaults.


Most tenants are prompt in the initial few months (with some exceptions) but changing circumstances and unforeseen circumstances for the tenant such as redundancy, accident, divorce, injury or illness or just poor cash management lands them in a position wherein they start delaying the rental payments. Some tenants unfortunately end up continuing to default and neither pay their rent nor vacate from the property.


Experienced landlords will agree that this is a nightmare situation. One defaulting tenant can lead to several hours and in some cases days of follow up, time and costs to get the property back. There are horror stories on how defaulting tenants sometimes even damage the property and landlords end up with no rent, expensive legal bills, all the anxiety if it becomes an eviction type situation and a void after the tenant leaves until the property is ready to be re-let.


Best offers a wide range of rent guarantee and legal expenses insurances to match your individual requirements. You can choose either a 6 month’s rent guarantee or a 12 months rent guarantee, you can also choose the type of referencing you want to be done on them i.e. instant or comprehensive. Mix and match based on your tenant. You can also choose the amounts of excess – nil or 1 month’s excess.


Rent guarantee insurance is a relatively inexpensive way to limit the risk of financial loss if rent payments suddenly stop. This can be particularly beneficial if you have to keep up mortgage payments on the property.


Best Insurance rent guarantee is one of the most comprehensive products available and has been designed to help landlords secure their cash flow if they encounter delayed payments of rents from their tenants.


Our pricing is competitive and we also offer price beat guarantee!


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