Tenant References - Express and Comprehensive


It is important to choose the right tenant for your property. Tenant referencing allows you to find
out who you are dealing with by carrying out tenant background checks.

Best Tenant References are market leading and very comprehensive. We offer two types of
tenant references – Express and Comprehensive.

The Express reports have a turnaround period of a maximum of 2 working hours. All we need from you is the tenant’s contact details. Best Insurance will contact your tenant on your behalf and complete the reference instantly.


The Comprehensive reports have a turnaround period of a maximum of 3 working days. The main time consuming element in this service, is contacting the previous landlord and the current employer mentioned of the tenant. We have learnt from experience that, one should never ask the tenant to supply the contact names of their employers. We always insist on taking the HR contact person and use the switch board telephone number to complete such references.


Also, where necessary, we ask the tenant to furnish additional details such as their passport, bank statements etc to make sure that all the references are complete which eliminates the risks for you.


Along with the tenant references, we also do a full affordability test to confirm that the tenant can afford to pay the rent or the portion of the rent as per the AST. Apart from affordability, we also check for inconsistencies of data furnished, which some people tend to do deliberately to hide or mislead information about their credit histories.


Some tenants due to the nature and tenure of residence in the UK, or affordability, or tenant type such as students etc may need a guarantor. In such cases, we also reference the guarantors so our landlords have complete peace of mind.


Some landlords tend to evaluate the tenants themselves and where possible take a reference from a local bank, GP or previous landlord. However, there is nothing better than having a professional tenant referencing company to do all these on your behalf. The comprehensiveness, depth and rigour can never be achieved by the ad-hoc checks.


A few pounds and prudence can save you from potential disasters of having tenants who cannot afford or habitually do not pay on time.


Finally, it is imperative that you treat tenant references as a confidential document since it holds private information that must only be shared between you and the tenant.


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